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Tue Nov 18 05:17:25 PST 2008

Our GPZ's are particularly sensitive to battery and spark plug condition. My experience has been once a plug is fouled it must be replaced. Trying to clean it doesn't work in the GPZ. My experience has also been that when the battery is on the way out, it will have enough juice to crank the engine but it won't fire. Sounds exactly like your problem. You'll spend (waste) a lot of time checking everything in the ignition circuit, only to find a new battery cured the problem. I was one of them. After days of work, I installed a new battery and viola! I replace the battery every other year as a routine maintenance item and except for occasionally having to cycle the ignition switch, I've had no electrical problems of any kind since. YMMV and good luck.


---- Les Johnson <jjohnsonlta at> wrote: 
>    Well I did post a warm starting problem which has turned into a cold one
> now. Went to start this morning and after cranking on and off for a minute
> it just made a loud backfire. Tried again one last time but no go. Turns
> over fine but won't start. I have noticed since I purchased the bike that I
> have to put the chock on not all the way. It won't hardly fire or run with
> the chock on full. I move it off a bit then it will start fine. Now that
> bwon't work cause it won't start period.  Any ideas on how to proceed?
>     Les J.

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