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Wed Oct 15 19:28:04 PDT 2008


I'm happy with any GPS if I can preload my planned route.  The only serious 
gripe I have with the Zumo 450 is that if you ask it to take you to an 
address, it doesn't always pick the most sensible route.  Also, I need to 
update the map data, as I sometimes find myself riding or driving in what 
is, literally, uncharted territory!  I don't have any Bluetooth devices so I 
couldn't justify the extra $$$ for the Zumo 550.

Paul in Ohio
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> Hi Paul,
>    How's it going? Is this the GPS you had on our trip? I like the looks 
> and the fact that it's waterproof, though I would really like something 
> with Bluetooth. I saw a few on the "bay" going fairly cheap. How was this 
> on the backroads of OH? If I recall, didn't it have some problems with 
> some of the more remote roads?
> Dave B
> Paul Heim wrote:
>> I got the cheaper Zumo 450 in 2007 and love it.  No BT but otherwise it 
>> works great and comes with all the RAM hardware.  If you want it really 
>> cheap, fleabay may be the way to go.  The big left-hand buttons are what 
>> sold me.
>> Paul in Ohio

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