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Thu Oct 16 19:44:33 PDT 2008

Paul, don't forget you can change your route options to either faster time
or shorter distance.  Also, make sure your "avoidances" aren't set to make
the route less sensible... e.g. Avoid Highways, etc.


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I'm happy with any GPS if I can preload my planned route.  The only serious
gripe I have with the Zumo 450 is that if you ask it to take you to an
address, it doesn't always pick the most sensible route.  Also, I need to
update the map data, as I sometimes find myself riding or driving in what
is, literally, uncharted territory!  I don't have any Bluetooth devices so I
couldn't justify the extra $$$ for the Zumo 550.

Paul in Ohio
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> Hi Paul,
>    How's it going? Is this the GPS you had on our trip? I like the looks
> and the fact that it's waterproof, though I would really like something
> with Bluetooth. I saw a few on the "bay" going fairly cheap. How was this
> on the backroads of OH? If I recall, didn't it have some problems with
> some of the more remote roads?
> Dave B
> Paul Heim wrote:
>> I got the cheaper Zumo 450 in 2007 and love it.  No BT but otherwise it
>> works great and comes with all the RAM hardware.  If you want it really
>> cheap, fleabay may be the way to go.  The big left-hand buttons are what
>> sold me.
>> Paul in Ohio

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