Steering head bearings - question

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To adjust, you take that cap off the top, loosen the upper and lower fork tube clamps, then deal with the adjusting on those two nuts you mentioned that you use a spanner wrench for. But, not having a spanner wrench, I just used a flat head screwdrive and a hammer and tapped them around. Wasn't that hard.

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Do you (not) have a shop manual?

I adjusted my steering head bearings at about the same mileage that you have now.  They were a bit loose, but the most disconcerting thing was how dry they were.  If you're going to do it, you should really consider removing and regreasing them while you're in there adjusting them.

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If I do find play, what's involved in trying to tighten the steering head bearings?  Do I need to loosen the 12MM allen bolt on upper fork holder before trying to adjust the two large ring nuts near the top of the steering post?  What do you use to adjust these?  Do you use a spanner wrench, or tap them with a punch to get them moving?

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