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  Jim, It could be too late, I didn't plan on laying it up and it hasn't 
been idling smoothly for over a year, so I'm gonna have to clean the carb's 
in the Spring.. Not to sure if there are other issues but they need cleaning 
   I did put some Techron in the gas a few weeks  back, and theres probably 
some still in the gas albeit in diluted form.
   So can you normally re- use the float bowl gaskets?


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> If you're that worried Pete, put some stabil in your tank, then drain your 
> carbs.  I think you need either a 3mm or 4 mm hex key for the drain 
> screws. As I recall I brazed one onto a 12" piece of 1/4" rod that I put a 
> 90 degree bend in the other end, you need a long wrench to reach the far 
> carb.
> Before you try to start the bike again remember to prime your carbs or 
> you'll drain your battery trying to fill them.
> Jim

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