Service Manual on Ebay

scapco at scapco at
Tue Jul 7 13:36:07 PDT 2009

Normally I stick with Craftsman too, but I couldn't turn 
down a killer deal a while back on a Kawasaki 19.6v 3/8 
drill.  Gotta stay brand loyal I guess, LOL!!

My boss made fun of me when I used it on a company 
Rebuilding Denver project (sort of like Habitat for 
Humanity), but it works very well.  If I was worth a few 
mill like him I might buy DeWalt like he does I guess.

Charles S.

>Dang... I might have used this as an excuse to get a big-
>ass pneumatic nail gun for the job. :)
>BTW, sorta off-topic - Sears (and Orchard Supply Hardware 
>in this area) has or had a sale on the Craftsman "compact 
>1/2" 19.2v driver/drill" with fast charger and two battery 
>packs, for half price at $80 - so I picked one up.  I 
>don't really need to get Tim Taylor'ed like a 
>quarter-horse jockey on a Brahma bull, so this drill is 
>gonna work out just fine for me.

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