keel hauled ?

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Hey Bill it was good to meet you as well. I have been off and on the list 
(wasn't off very long I recall) since '96, although I don't post often I 
still read all the e-mails. I used to ride with the GPz and ZRX folks pretty 
often, a bit too often according to my wife. Either they started riding 
faster or I got real old real quick so I'm mostly solo with the wife on the 
back nowadays. I haven't talked to another person who loves the GPz in a 
while, made me remember how much I enjoy it. I do love the V-Rod though, 
this is a quick bike and a blast to ride.

Thanks again for the conversation, perhaps I'll see you around.


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>I was out riding on the Nighthawk with the Lake Shawnee club and we stopped 
>at a dam at Greenwood Lake.
> There were several motorcycles in the small parking lot including a sweet 
> looking Harley VRod.
> When the owner finally appears , we start to chat and I find that he is 
> Keelhauler a lister of many years.
> Good to meet you Bill. when are you going to let me ride the harley ??
> on another note , when I had the GPZ listed on Craigslist over the years 
> for $2200-2500 I got a few half interested calls. Now that it needs work 
> and it's listed for $750 I got 15 replies on the first two days. go 
> figure.
> Bill M in NJ
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