Ralph, Jerry and Randy's crazy ride report

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Fri Jun 5 09:25:44 PDT 2009

<<I was a little intimidated by the tales of the Dragon but once I got 1/2 a
dozen curves I settled down.  The 2 things that did bother me was having the
feeling that you are making a speedy run and some joker blows by you so fast
you think your engine died and  knowing Buehrle and Chalk were behind me.
For my part I think the most terrifying part of your trip would be riding in
NY City traffic.   Then again that's why I live where I do--the largest
community for 80 miles is 15,000 souls and I don't go there on my bike.


Hey Jim, The dragon was intimidating to me with all the squids buzzing by me 
and around from the other direction, but I have to say the ride up to the 
Lincoln Tunnel was by far the more harrowing. The rasin was falling so hard 
and fast it was really blinding, and I kept tyhinking I was going to get 
rear ended at any time. If I had about a week to ride down there on those 
roads I could get used to them and have a lot of fun.

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