sad story

Alexander Finger af at
Sun Nov 29 09:21:33 PST 2009

I agree on the "slap on the wrist", fully. When I say that jail is not
fixing it I mean that I seriously doubt that
a) the guy will get "better" (which he should if he's punished)
b) anybody else will be impressed (chances are low that you are actually
getting into an accident)

If you want to retaliate, you've got to cut off his legs (ouch, was that not
what we despised the sharia "justice" for?). Otherwise making sure that
he'll not drive a car for some years, has to pay for the rest of his life a
sum to his victims and spend a considerable time in community service (like
helping injured people) might actually help the trick.

The other thing which needs to happen is that you create an environment by
teaching people (kids, to start off) how to not drive and take away driving
licenses, temporarily or for longer, if people are caught being inattentive
because they play with something else while driving (let it be a mobile
phone, a girl/boyfriend, ..).

But I'm not surprised with your reaction - the penal systems in Europe do
rather emphasize improving than punishing.


On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 6:06 PM, dominatr37 <dominatr37 at>wrote:

> <<Jail won't fix it nor prevent a lot. What helps is police controls and
> fines
> + taking away the cell phones.>>
> I disagree Alex. The person who caused this, if they were prosecuted the
> way they should have been, thrown in jail for 5-10 years of their life and
> made an example of, and then this followed up by others who cause similar
> accidents being treated the same way, well it would definitely be a
> deterrent. Guaranteed the kid who did this is totally over it by now and is
> in the "Woe is me." phase. This is horrible, and this kid is getting less
> then a slap on the wrist. But if he ran over a mother walking with a
> stroller and crippled her and her baby it would be a much bigger deal.

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