sad story

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They didn't mention what civil penalties the kid and his parents are
probably facing though.  I'll bet there is a multi-million dollar lawsuit
going forward and if he was a minor you can bet they will go after his
parents home and assets for damages.  

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<<Jail won't fix it nor prevent a lot. What helps is police controls and 
+ taking away the cell phones.>>

I disagree Alex. The person who caused this, if they were prosecuted the way

they should have been, thrown in jail for 5-10 years of their life and made 
an example of, and then this followed up by others who cause similar 
accidents being treated the same way, well it would definitely be a 
deterrent. Guaranteed the kid who did this is totally over it by now and is 
in the "Woe is me." phase. This is horrible, and this kid is getting less 
then a slap on the wrist. But if he ran over a mother walking with a 
stroller and crippled her and her baby it would be a much bigger deal.

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