lowering links or lowering a GPZ

John Soliday johnsoliday at msn.com
Tue Apr 6 16:05:30 PDT 2010

OK, this would be a nice new thread; what's the nastiest low speed turn
you've ever ridden on your GPZ?  I need to take a picture of mine but Mike
and Charles probably know this turn.  It's a uphill, 180, usually covered
with sand, and (I am not kidding) there was a small dead bear on the side of
the road there.  If I had my camera or my phone (wish, darn it I forgot to
take, but there's not cell coverage up there anyway) I would have loved a
shot of it.  Anyway, it's the turns out of Ward, CO right before you hit
Peak to Peak Highway, up by the Mill Site Inn.  And since the dirt turns on
Old Stage Road, I would never take my GPZ on, they don't count!



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I sympathize. I dropped mine once when I was turning around on a hill and 
hit full lock.  The best I've ever been able to manage is one foot flat. 
I've never considered lowering it, though, since 99% of the time I'm rolling

and it handles so nicely when under way.  Have you considered having a seat 
made that puts you closer to the ground?  Platform boots? Nah...

Paul in Ohio
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What is the best way to lower the GPZ?

I got it on the road Friday April 2, & I have already managed to get in 
right at 300 miles, but my 26 inseam I am vertically challenged, I need to 
lower it a little.

right now I can only get 1 foot flat on the ground at a time, or both feet 
tip toes, so for safety, it needs lowering so I can get both feet flat on 
the ground. I am having problems turning it around on my driveway, which is 
like an old country dirt road with tall center hump, plus my driveway is up 
side of a mountain nearly 1/2 mile long.

what is recomendations? anyone have a used lowering link? or?

Thank you,

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