Armchair diagnostics- hard warm start

Don Wilcox leanintree at
Sun Mar 28 13:41:08 PDT 2010

Hi guys!
Well, it's time to look at the problem that was bedeviling me at the end of
last season...

The Almighty Geeper requires full choke to start easily (2 throttle pumps,
full choke then starter with NO throttle application), and now is being hard
to restart once warm. I'll ride somewhere, stop for a cookie (or whatever),
then when I try to restart, I have to crank the hell out of it, choke,
prime, couple pumps, no pumps...  Seems like a couple of healthy pumps then
starting with NO throttle does the trick most often, but it's still
frustrating and it floors me that I can start cold easier than warm.

I'll tell you now, I haven't had the carbs off since the de-californication
of '07 for my sanities sake. But I'm betting it may be time to check the jet
setup. Just calling it a hunch.

Thoughts oh wised and learned ones?

Don in GJ

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