Armchair diagnostics- hard warm start

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Sun Mar 28 16:17:30 PDT 2010

How old is the battery?  That's as likely as a jetting problem. 
Otherwise. Maybe clogged pilot jets as this gas they sell here is bullshit.

Charles S.

Don Wilcox wrote:
> Hi guys!
> Well, it's time to look at the problem that was bedeviling me at the end of
> last season...
> The Almighty Geeper requires full choke to start easily (2 throttle pumps,
> full choke then starter with NO throttle application), and now is being hard
> to restart once warm. I'll ride somewhere, stop for a cookie (or whatever),
> then when I try to restart, I have to crank the hell out of it, choke,
> prime, couple pumps, no pumps...  Seems like a couple of healthy pumps then
> starting with NO throttle does the trick most often, but it's still
> frustrating and it floors me that I can start cold easier than warm.
> I'll tell you now, I haven't had the carbs off since the de-californication
> of '07 for my sanities sake. But I'm betting it may be time to check the jet
> setup. Just calling it a hunch.
> Thoughts oh wised and learned ones?
> Don in GJ
> .

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