VFR vs. GPZ (was RE: A question)

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Don't know if I'm too late to weigh in, but I had an '03 VFR for a lot
longer than I had the '95 GPZ. For me, at 5'9", the VFR is a much more
manageable & comfortable package - a perfect fit. I found that it handles
and brakes much better thanks to its smaller size (I did not have ABS on
either bike). Though curb weight is similar, the VFR's more compact
dimensions really hide it well. Also, the lockable, detachable, waterproof
OEM hard bags are excellent. It could use a better windscreen, a Corbin
saddle as always, and maybe a set of handlebar risers. A nice set of pipes
wouldn't hurt either... the V4 sounds grrrrrreat! VTEC didn't bother me at
all. Lastly no, it's not as fast as the Beast, but it's plenty damn fast,

Fire off any other questions...

-Rob in VT

> Well, since you asked directly, I guess I'll delurk again :). Apologies
> for the slow response, but I've not had time to chack my mail recently.
>  The VFR is a good package, but I miss the GPZ. Nothing particular wrong
> with the VFR, and the V4 rumble is quite fun, but the GPZ is smoother,
> faster, and seems more planted on the road than the VFR. I think part of
> it is simply knowing the GPZ and it's capabilities/quirks *very* well,
> but, for me, it comes down to simply being more comfortable with it.
>  Hope that helps,
>  Simon.
>  VFR & Blue GPZ.
>  Back to lurking :).
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>  This side question is for Simon. While my plan to buy GPz in August is
> still rock solid, I can't help noticing that VFRs are a dime a dozen on
> craigslist on the U.S. West Coast. Question is: If you had to have just
> ONE bike between the VFr and your GPz to keep for always, which one would
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> Thursday, June 23, 2011 3:39 PM To: Thomas Hoy Subject: Re: A question
> /Delurk/ I still have mine, though it hasn't been on the road for a year
> for a variety of reasons. At something over 140,000 kms, I figure I'm
> just letting some of you others catch up :). Currently riding a '97 VFR
> 750. Nice enough, though I'm just commuting on it. I miss the GPZ. Simon
> '95 GPz1100 - in the garage feeling blue. Melbourne, Australia /Lurk
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> 06/24/11 02:08 AM To: Simon W Subject: A question Lets have a show o
>  f hands, how many listers still have their GPZ's? Ralph L Angelo Jr.
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