Sticking clutch plate issue

Les Johnson jjohnsonlta at
Mon May 16 19:22:51 PDT 2011

      I have discovered another problem I solved with this fix. The
new gasket I got for the case was updated with a new part number. It
turns out it was not a fiber gasket like original but this one was
made of metal. I coated both sides with a skim coat of RTV silicone to
make a positive seal.

      The person I bought this bike from about 4 years ago said he had
replaced the clutch. I asked why and he said he didn't like the clutch
so he changed it. If I let the bike sit for a few days it would jump
ahead and stall out when I put it in gear a couple times when I
started to ride it. This problem got progressively worse with time.
The bike has also seemed like it had a miss when holding the throttle
steady in the lower rpms. I had done several things to solve the miss
problem but could never fix it. I must of had a crankcase air leak
because of a poor fixit job of former owner. This caused a vacuum leak
which in turn gave a lean mixture and caused the poor running of the
engine down in low rpms where I noticed it. The bike now runs better
than when I bought it.

     Les J    96 GPZ 1100
                 01 KLR 650

On Sat, May 14, 2011 at 3:32 PM, Les Johnson <jjohnsonlta at> wrote:
>    I changed out my friction disks on my clutch and solved the
> sticking problem. It was a real simple job to do. I made the mistake
> that I could get the case off and not damage the gasket. Ended up
> having to wait for new case gasket so bike laid up longer than I had
> planned.
>    Les J

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