Out of lurk mode............SHIMS, Now more trouble!

Tom Wheeler the74impala at hotmail.com
Sun May 22 19:43:20 PDT 2011

I have found the same thing to be true while pulling teeth, minus the alcohol.  Hasn't helped with the carbs yet.  So is it supposed to be removed from the linkage?  Or at the control?  Or inbetween?  Thanks for the thoughts so far.
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> Subject: Re: Out of lurk mode............SHIMS, Now more trouble!
> Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 16:14:47 -0400
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> Used the same problem solver last week. I'm wiring a 3 way circuit to 
> operate a light from both the bottom and top of the stairs. It's a simple 
> enough circuit but I hadn't done one in over 20 years and thought I could 
> remember how to wire it. After nearly and hour or frustration and tripped 
> breakers, I decided to have lunch.
> A sandwich, some cole slaw and a beer calmed me down enough to look inside 
> the box one of the switches came in. Dang--there was a wiring diagram. 
> Five minutes after lunch was over the circuit was working.
> About an hour ago my 4 year old grandson face planted himself in the Ottawa 
> River. The look on his face when he hit that fridgid water was worth the 
> price of addmisssion. Better still was my son scrambling in to get he and 
> coming out limping with both ankles frozen.
> Jim 
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