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yes, but when I was younger. roughly 20 or so years ago, maybe longer. & had them pulled or slung out, or still seep air. I tried pluging a hole where I had a house key puncture, several nails, & other objects. just never had luck. for me they would get me home. but it still gave me problems,  maybe the technology now is better?
I have been wanting a mushroom plug kit for carry on the road.
only had 2 flats in recent years, is the current front, when I found out I had a hole, & the other is my rear thats patched from inside,
the last 20 years most of my riding on bikes has been with tube tires, so have to patch or replace a tube.
as for cars, not done a plug since my younger days when cash was bad, & still always ended up having to replace, or run a tube inside.
no I have no recent experience in last 20 years with rope. but probably 10 to 20 plugs when I was younger that all failed. even remember one failing that it let go & I had a sudden front flat on a 68 Nova, nearly hit a tree that was maybe 2 feet from edge of road. back in them days people had trees right up next to the hiway.

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I agree that patching from the inside is the better way to go.  However, I'm 
curious about your comment that you've "never had good luck with the rope 
patches".  You say that, but have you ever actually had a failure with a 
rope patch that you installed yourself, because you don't mention any 

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I highly recomend patching from the inside, never had good luck with the 
rope patches, for 4 wheel vehicle nor 2 wheel, at least not for more than 
maybe getting me home. the mushroom plugs look good, but I dont have any 
experience with them.

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