Summer trips

Steven Bixby steven at
Fri May 11 17:18:05 PDT 2012

It'd be on my ST13, but...

I'm trying to plan a trip in late August to mid September timeframe, 
about 2 weeks duration.

The first few days I'd try to get to Denver (from San Francisco area) in 
just 2 or 3 riding days.  It's about 1150 miles short-routed, and I'm 
toast after about 5-600 miles in the saddle.  Once I get there, my wife 
will most likely be flying in, and we will spend a few days with my 
parents.  My father is battling myeloma -- so far on the good side, 
thankfully -- and it's good to spend time with them.  We'll probably go 
with them camping for a few days, then my wife flies back to be at work 
on the weekend.  (She's the head coach & range manager for the Travis 
AFB motorcycle safety program.)

After that, my schedule opens up, and I'm sorta planning to do day loops 
or overnighters around Colorado.  Unbelievably, living there for some 
10+ years of my teens and twenties, and making semi-frequent trips in 
the 20 years since...  I've never been to Aspen and the general area.  
Seems too weird, and I want to rectify that this year.   I also want to 
make a loop to the SW area, including Charles' beloved 
Durango/Silverton, perhaps for  the night.   Another odd omission, 
especially since I went to college in Grand Junction -- I've never been 
up on the Grand Mesa.  That has to be rectified as well.

Then, depending on how the schedule works out, I'll be swinging back 
towards NorCal, and may either short-route it, or wobble around through 
WY/ID/NV.  I was thinking Yellowstone area would be a nice wide loop 
towards home, and I haven't been there for a good 25 years now.

I wish I had more time to take off - I guess that 2-week trip to Hawaii 
in February mucked up my PTO. :)

On 5/11/2012 2:30 PM, Charles Scappaticci wrote:
> Anyone have any summer riding trips planned?  I've got a couple and
> would like to hear of any others who are heading out on a long ride.
> I will be in Durango/Silverton the last week of July riding with an
> old friend from my home town who has some serious health issues and
> might not be around in a few years so we are going to tow down (he's
> limited in how long he can ride) and spend some time together and ride
> the loop and do a little off roading in a rented UTV.
> I'm also scheduled for a long week off the end of June and first
> couple of days in July and am giving some serious thought to dropping
> by to see Chuck Driscoll in Helena MT, and then heading north up into
> the Canadian Rockies like I did a few years ago, but hopefully with a
> little better weather.  At least I've got heated grips now and more on
> bike storage to make it a little easier.  My 2008 trip was one of the
> best motorcycle experiences I've had and really want to get away from
> it all again.  No job, no kids, no ex (wife or girlfriend), nothing
> but me, my GPZ and some amazing scenery.
> Any one else?
> Charles S.
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