front tire wear

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Mon Sep 17 06:36:02 PDT 2012

my guess is incorrect tire pressure as well, or overloading, I have very similiar problem I found the right air pressure for me solo, however when riding my ol'lady plus some gear, I can see difference in tire wear in as little as 100 miles, then after riding her, I have to ride quite a bit to get tire to ride correct for me as it will be twitchy, but for me it happens with both front & rear tires, & when loaded I run right at max tire pressure, & havent wanted to go beyond manufactures rating, but I may play with a few lbs.
as for low speed handling, best thing I did was to install the fork stabilizer, (tweak bar)? that was part of our group buy,  before the install I couldnt ride down a rutted dirt & rock trail or driveway without needing nearly the whole lane, after the install I can stay in 1 tire track. it was well worth it.

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Subject: front tire wear
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Date: Monday, September 17, 2012, 1:43 AM

Hi Listers,
I'm perplexed by a weird wear pattern on my front tire (Dunlop Roadsmart, 5000 approx. miles). There is a high ridge in the center on either side of which is a concave band before going outwards to raised edge bands. In addition the wear is not symmetrical.  I hope you can see the profile from these photos.
The usual cupping (digs between transverse thread grooves) is not present.
I think that this is responsible for front wiggle at high speeds and inability to steer a straight line at crawl speeds.
Any idea what may have caused this?
Thanks for your input. 
Randy from New Orleans
ZZR 1200
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