Zero Gravity sport touring windscreen

dominatr37 dominatr37 at
Tue Jun 11 13:44:36 PDT 2013

<<I really didn't notice any difference below 60-65 mph but anything greater 
than that was an improvement over the stock windscreen. I usually rode about 
75-80 on the highways but occasionally would let the old girl run up to 
115-120. I miss my GPz. My current bike is a cruiser, a 2004 Suzuki VL1500 
Intruder, and not nearly as fun to ride. If you've still got your's, keep 
it. You'll regret it if you sell. >>

My mantra every year, though that Ninja 1000 is looking sweet. When I 
finally hit 100,000 on the YZF (Just under 89,000 now) I may treat myself to 
a Ninja 1K and sell both the YZF and the GPZ, but we shall see. As it stands 
now I'm riding the FJR more than anything else for some reason.

Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.
Author of cool stuff. 

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