Zero Gravity sport touring windscreen

Charles Scappaticci scapco at
Tue Jun 11 15:36:51 PDT 2013

I went fast about 10 years ago when my balls were bigger and the rest of me
was smaller.  LOL!

Charles S.

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 2:44 PM, dominatr37 <dominatr37 at>wrote:

> <<I really didn't notice any difference below 60-65 mph but anything
> greater
> than that was an improvement over the stock windscreen. I usually rode
> about
> 75-80 on the highways but occasionally would let the old girl run up to
> 115-120. I miss my GPz. My current bike is a cruiser, a 2004 Suzuki VL1500
> Intruder, and not nearly as fun to ride. If you've still got your's, keep
> it. You'll regret it if you sell. >>
> My mantra every year, though that Ninja 1000 is looking sweet. When I
> finally hit 100,000 on the YZF (Just under 89,000 now) I may treat myself
> to
> a Ninja 1K and sell both the YZF and the GPZ, but we shall see. As it
> stands
> now I'm riding the FJR more than anything else for some reason.
> Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.
> Author of cool stuff.
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