Zero Gravity sport touring windscreen

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Tue Jun 11 15:19:20 PDT 2013

My VStrom hasn't a winglet on the shield, I installed the Zero Gravity low sport shield for the sex appeal. Hasn't worked on the VStrom, yet though.
Montana has a speed limit since the 1990's 75 mph, but we don't have many
Cops on patrol...big state, low budgets...
The cops in town frown on wheelies, don't ask why I know that.

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On Jun 11, 2013, at 2:35 PM, masonjs at wrote:

> Chuck don't you live in Montana where the speed limit is merely a 
> suggestion?  Is there a speed limit there now?
> One of the really nice things about owning a Canadian GPZ was the 
> metric speedo.  It was a little intimidating but exhilarating to see 
> the needle hitting 250 not just 160.  That was with a GIVI screen.   
> The Suzuki vstrom's best on this stretch of asphalt has been 230+.  
> The winglet at the top of the screen made a hell of a noise at speed.  
> The tree in Oct 2011 took care of the winglet.
> Jim
> On Tuesday 11/06/2013 at 3:46 pm, Cdriscol2001  wrote:
>> Scaps admits velocity indiscretion! He is correct about the ZG screen 
>> and the GPS fairing based on my experience. However I would never 
>> admit to going as fast as Scaps admits to, on public roads. Although 
>> my GPS was the faster black model.
>> Chuck
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