Diesel oils - good, fire bad (RIP Phil Hartman)

masonjs at nrtco.net masonjs at nrtco.net
Fri May 3 05:47:09 PDT 2013

Now that we have all this chemical expertise at hand..  Can any of you 
tell me what adhesive I can use and buy over the counter to glue 
Dupont Nylon 66?  Would perfer it to be clear.
I put the battery in my bike last week.  The snow drift in front of 
the door had subsided enough that I dug the door free.  The bike 
started right up.
The next day my grandsons donated me a cold that has been like a week 
long hangover.
Now the Ottawa River is started its second spring rise as the northern 
melt waters are coming down.  It will be at least another week before 
I can get riding as I'll be moving furniture out of friends potential 
flood victim cottages.  Better go find my f#@*&%$# waders.


On Friday 03/05/2013 at 6:52 am, "Buehrle, Michael"  wrote:
> When I was first considering Rotella for my bike around 2004, I was 
> also dealing with Shell Canada on a regular basis for the selection 
> and analysis of industrial oils as one of my job duties at the time.
> My employer is one of their largest customers here in Ottawa when you 
> account for total purchases of motor oils, industrial oils, heating 
> fuel and diesel fuel.
> Needless to say I had a good rapport with the shell labs in both 
> Calgary and Houston and I posed the question as to why shell did not 
> endorse Rotella for bikes. The answer I got was that in Europe Shell 
> has a full line of motorcycle specific oils(read:expensive and 
> profitable) If Shell officially endorsed the diesel oil, it would 
> cannibalize their motorcycle oil market. I asked: What do the 
> motorcyclists in Shell's lab use? All have been running Rotella 
> synthetic for years. That was all I needed to hear to make my 
> decision.
> Mike
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> Hey Bill how are you doing? Yeah I'm not buying into the rotella 
> thing, like
> I said it's got to say in plain english that's its great for 
> motorcycles too
> on the jug before I'll use it. If they had no reservations about it 
> they'd
> print that right on the jug. Me, I'll continue to use my Amsoil. To 
> each his
> own and all that good stuff...
> Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.
> Author of cool stuff.
> http://RLAngeloJr.com
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