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Sun Sep 8 23:53:51 PDT 2013


Was there by any chance any strong winds (crosswinds) associated with 
these events? The only rough engine running and hesitation I've ever 
experienced on the GPZ has been in windy conditions - always caused by 
the carb vent hoses not being properly located. They MUST be in their 
right position - behind the air intake box - otherwise wind turbulence 
may disturb the carbs.

I don't know if you ever do this, but if mine has been sitting in the 
garage for several weeks (a couple of months or more) I always drain the 
carb bowls before I crank the engine. This has spared me (I believe) for 
any carb related problems throughout the years. It's a quite simple 
procedure once you have the tools you need: The proper bit (can't recall 
the English term for that screw just now (not a torx but...)) on a 
suitable extender, 4 pieces of plastic hose and a cannister to collect 
the contents of the bowls. I put the 4 plastic hoses on the 4 carb 
drains, put the other end in the cannister, open all 4 drain plugs, let 
the bowls drain, then turn the petcock to prime for a few seconds to 
flush the bowls. That should clear the carbs of any crap that may have 
accumulated in the bowls. I used to ride a moped (Puch Maxi) to work and 
I know from the carb cleaning procedure that it is unbelievable what 
amount of crap and dirt may accumulate in a carb bowl over time.

If the carb vent hoses are properly located I think I would flush the 
bowls as described above and then add some carb cleaner additive in the 
next tank of gas and hope the problem goes away. Sorry, but I can't 
think of anything better than that.

The last (I think) major tour of the season will be to the German 'GPZ 
Alpentreffen' in Faschina, western Austria in the beginning of October. 
It's only 300 km from Thun ;) Any chance you would drop by and maybe 
participate? I'm sure accommodation could be arranged. There is going to 
be some 30 people, mainly German and Dutch, and some 20 motorcycles (of 
which the GPZ is a minority, although it's called a GPZ meeting. We 
could use one more :) ). We usually have great fun and some awesome rides :)

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

(Your wrecked GPZ still sitting in my garage :) )

Den 07-09-2013 13:15, Barblan skrev:
> Guys
> I need some advice!
> Imagine you're driving through a beautiful curve.
> Before doing so you're decelerating by use of the motor (no gas).
> Now you've reached the moment in the curve, where you want to accelerate -
> open the throttle.
> For 1 - 2 seconds you get full torque, then the motor stutters for a
> split second - really bad, and then it sets in with a extra power. And
> you lurch, even slide ...
> In other words: a bad feeling! Happens randomly.
> The stutter can also be produced on a straight piece of road by going of
> the gas for 2 - 3 seconds, then opening the throttle fully.
> Now the strange thing: otherwise the Geeper runs smoothly as ever!
> Has anyone had the same symptoms? What do I have to do to get rid of them?
> Riding like this s.....!
> I appreciate all help!
> Cheers (well yeah ...)
> George
> Thun, Switzerland
> PS. Yesterday I did 397 km over 5 passes with 2 friends - on my Honda ...
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