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You may be on the right track suspecting the ignition. Some years ago a 
German friend of mine experienced intermittent bad running as well. He 
went through just as much as you've done without getting to the bottom 
of the problem. As a last resort he changed the ignition cables and this 
did the trick. He said he got a completely new bike, running so smoothly 
like never before. Might be worth a try if nothing else works.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPZ

Den 16-03-2014 02:56, john leonard skrev:
> I've checked a few things on my '96.I purchased a compression gauge and tested the cylinders.  They appear about equal.  2 @150 psi and 2 @ 160 psi.   I removed the air box (for good), and intend to install pod filters and a crankcase filter.I cleaned out #3's bowl and float pin (the one that flooded) and sprayed carb cleaner in all the intakes.  I didn't remove/adjust the jets.  I cleaned the spark plugs again; they all show about the same resistance on a meter.  I put the tank and carbs back on and it's still not running well and stalls if I give it any gas, but I think I need pods in place.I'm beginning to think the ignition is at fault.  As I mentioned in my last post, the engine was missing big-time a few weeks ago (before the hydro lock)  then it magically starting working again after sitting for a day to two.
> So here's what's on order.  4 new plugs, 4 pods, 1 crank filter, and new Service Manual (my old one went missing).  I'll test the ignition and the cables once I find out how that's done.
> john
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