The 2000 "Total" Paris-Dakar-Cairo Rally

BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises


The pilots

  • Richard Sainct - F - F650RR
  • Oscar Gallardo - SP - F650RR
  • Jean Brucy - F - F650RR
  • Andrea Mayer - D - F650RR
  • Jimmy Lewis - USA - R900GS-RR
  • John Deacon - GB - R900GS-RR

  • The bikes


    Team manager - Richard Schalber

    Richard Schalber

    Richard Schalber, who hails from the Allgäu region of Germany, has had a high reputation in enduro sport for many years.

    In his 15-year competition career he has carried off almost 200 national and international victories, including a large number for BMW.

    After this successful active career, Richard Schalber passed the motor sport trainer examinations in 1989. Today this dedicated motorcycle fan's tasks are to plan the logistics and service back-up for rally entrants and make sure that the team runs smoothly and is fully supported.

    In addition, Richard Schalber has enjoyed great success as a tuner and motorcycle constructor - for example in developing the BMW F 650 RR competition bike.

    First ride in a BMW team during the 1979 International Six Day Enduro
    Rode in the Paris Dakar Rally three times
    Motor sport trainer since: 1989
    Greatest successes:
    Twice runner-up in the Enduro European Championship
    Twice winner of the Pharaoh Rally (marathon category)
    Five times Enduro Champion in the 750 cc and 500 cc classes
    Enduro World Champion in the over-500 cc class
    Fifth place in the Paris-Dakar Rally (marathon class)
    (text from the official BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises's web pages 2000)

    The BMW mechanics and service team

    In addition to Richard Schalber, a number of people are involved in the task of looking after the riders and their bikes.
    Spare parts depot, fuel, food and drink and many other items are brought in by air, truck, car or Unimog to the camps, which are often set up in desert areas where access is difficult - the whole team has to face up to this organisational and logistical challenge.

    Unimog I:
    Giacomo Vismara (driver)
    Mario Cambiaghi (crew1)
    Unimog II
    Bob Ten Harkel (driver)
    Ute Baier (crew1)
    LKW 4x4
    Joseph Petit (driver)
    Alain Debucq (crew1)
    Gregor Haug (crew 2)
    LKW 6x6
    Alain Maréchal (driver)
    Pierre Barbier (crew 1)
    Bernd Baldes (crew 2)
    Assistants in aircraft
    Richard Schalber (Team Manager)
    Berthold Hauser (Head of Motorcycle Sport)
    Claudia Patuzzi-Lipp (Team Assistant)
    Charly Bodenhöfer (Logistics)
    René Scholten (Physiotherapist)
    Toni Ücker (Mechanic, Sainct)
    Marc Weber (Mechanic, Gallardo)
    Wolfgang Banholzer (Mechanic, Mayer)
    Mauro Sant (Mechanic, Brucy)
    Fredi Halbfeld (Mechanic, Deacon)
    Roland Bruckner (Mechanic, Lewis)
    (text from the official BMW Motorrad Team Gauloises's web pages 2000)

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